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NW 4 Ghosts Thermos Cup & Bag
NW 4 Ghosts Thermos Cup & Bag
NW 4 Ghosts Thermos Cup & Bag
NW 4 Ghosts Thermos Cup & Bag
NW 4 Ghosts Thermos Cup & Bag
NW 4 Ghosts Thermos Cup & Bag
NW 4 Ghosts Thermos Cup & Bag
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NW 4 Ghosts Thermos Cup & Bag

$18.54 USD
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Speculative Ghost
Greedy Ghost
Lustful Ghost
Lazy Ghost
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NW 4 Ghosts Thermos Cup & Bag


Now exclusively launched 4 Ghosts Thermos Cup & Bag by NW, Ice Tumbler has always been Namewee's favourite personal assistance to keep cool and steady all day long.


If you are a fan of Namewee and his videos, it will not be difficult for you to find that wherever he goes – be it for work, leisure, shooting, running publicity campaigns, or even at home – he will carry an Ice Tumbler with him at all times. As Namewee tends to feel uneasy in a hot environment, he loves chilled beverage very much. Since several years ago and during every outing, Ice Tumbler is his secret to preserve a ready supply of ice cubes 24 hours a day…


It goes without saying that Namewee would not keep such a wonderful gadget to himself but recommend you his very own brand of Ice Tumbler.


NW Ice Tumbler is made of #304 stainless steel and features an ergonomically designed body, which is convenient to carry around for people on the move. Environmentally friendly and hygienic, this versatile thermo tumbler is capable of maintaining its content warm for up to 10 hours or chilled for up to 13 hours. Absolutely practical for office or school, both indoor and outdoor.


In conjunction with Namewee’s latest 2021 Ghostician Album, NW Ice Tumbler also comes with a cool sleeve available in 4 spoof designs showcasing the Ghostician Theme – Lustful Ghost, Speculative Ghost, Greedy Ghost, and Lazy Ghost.


Indeed, "ghosts" of all sorts are among us every now and then. One who is known to habitually watch phonography or browse erotic video clips is undoubtedly a Lustful Ghost, while a hardcore rent-seeker who endlessly expects a windfall without any reciprocal contribution of productivity is dubbed a Speculative Ghost. A lofty individual who tends to bite off more than he or she can chew is aptly referred to as a Greedy Ghost, and an indolent fella who does not believe in walking the talk is a Lazy Ghost.

Each of these 4 “ghosts” is painted on its respective sleeve as a reminder for us all against becoming one of them!