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「Multi-Talented Artiste」

Namewee plays the role of an artist, musician and content creator, the Malaysian’s talent and remarkable contribution shines brightly atop in the entertainment industry.


Namewee first has had his works released online in 2006, until then 1 EP, 8 music albums, 4 movie soundtrack albums, 1 documentary, and 6 movies have made their appearance in the market.


Since his debut, Namewee’s diligence has him accumulated over 800 songs of different genres. In addition to that, he has also collaborated with many top tier musicians of various generations across Asia. The artist’s creations have its own unique flair and class, as a matter of fact, he has 150 music videos which has hit the million threshold; 3.53 Million subscribers and a Total Accumulated View of 1.6 Billion, thus earning him the moniker of ‘King of Billion View Clicks’. [Stranger In The North], a collaboration with Asian superstar Leehom Wang, has been viewed 190 million times on YouTube, it is one of YouTube's top 10 most-viewed Chinese songs of all time.


His frequent attendance at the international stage has the name「Ghost-like Creatives From Malaysia」accompany him in all the prestigious locations. Fun fact, he has been nominated for the Best Male Singer Award at the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards multiple times since 2015. His self-directed music videos have also won him awards in the United States and Germany.


Apart from that, since Namewee’s foray into the film industry in 2011, the young director walked a trodden path of hardships. The success of the director’s maiden work ‘Nasi Lemak 2.0’ was teeming with unpronounced obstacles, the most reminiscing story was the turned down applications for government funding grants by the Malaysian government. Through the impossible, ‘Nasi Lemak 2.0’ thrives in the overwhelming difficulties, the movie broke the box office and being invited to the film festivals in different countries, such as: United States, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Notably speaking, Namewee was awarded the ‘Most Potential Director’ award in Osaka Film Festival, Japan. After, movies like [Hantu Gangster], [Kara King], [Banglasia], [BABI] and [Nasi Lemak 1.0] were also critically released.