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Namewee Calling Asia CD 2020
Namewee Calling Asia CD 2020
Namewee Calling Asia CD 2020
Namewee Calling Asia CD 2020
Namewee Calling Asia CD 2020
Namewee Calling Asia CD 2020
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Namewee 2019「Calling Asia」CD

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Song List:

  1. Ghost Island ft. Dwagie 鬼島
  2. The Stray (Namewee's Solo Version) 流浪狗 - 黃明志獨唱版本
  3. My Old Wound 舊傷口
  4. 10-Year Challenge 我們的十年
  5. Ain’t A Cigarette 哥抽菸
  6. Getaway 出去走走
  7. Polyamory 愛妳也愛她
  8. Piggy Piggy
  9. Drunken Butterfly 醉蝶
  10. JioJioMe
  11. Yamabi 亞麻比

Asian creative talent Namewee is here again! From 2013’s "Asia Most Wanted", 2015’s "Asian Killer", 2016’s "Cross Over Asia", 2017’s "All Eat Asia" to 2018’s "Ultimatum to Asia", and just when we were wondering how long the Asian series of albums will last, Namewee announces yet again his new release; "Calling Asia" is here! The audience can only answer the phone and agree that in this crazy Internet age, there are few singers with such a strong presence. It would appear to be difficult not to hear the name of "Namewee" for a month.

In the "Calling Asia" album, Namewee once again arranged the composition and lyrics of all the songs. And he also served as the album producer, co-produced with the famous Malaysian recording maestro Peter Chong, and worked with many established and new musicians alike such as Naikong Lee, Clement Siow, Michael Tu, JSAW, SMH, Chow Yarn etc to once again challenge the peak of musical creativity. In addition to his lyrical, folk, rap, and pop styles, the album has also made fresh attempts at other genres. For example, "My Old Wound" is Namewee’s first time taking on the blues genre, with delicate singing and detailed arrangements. The mood in the high-pitched part is even more impressive, with many netizens having praised it as a "major breakthrough in creativity". "Polyamory" uses the electronic rock genre to create an exclusive online love song for a scoundrel;

"JIOJIOME" challenges the funk genre that Namewee has always wanted to try; it is the fusion of House with retro elements. "Ghost Island" merges folk and rap genres, and even got Ocarina Azhi to play, as well as hip-hop principal Dwagie to pen the Hokkien lyrics, combining well with the aboriginal language, which fully demonstrates Namewee's creative visualization of multicultural integration.

Every month when Namewee publishes his latest music or video creations, it always triggers intense discussion and sharing on the Internet in Asian countries. Namewee has always believed that the cultures of various Asian countries have quite fascinating mutual influences as well as differences. And as the Internet keeps narrowing the distance between people, Namewee too does not limit himself with traditional thinking or public stereotypes, and continues to create with personal experiences or what he sees and hears. The album "Calling Asia", from caring about stray dogs, online dating, ten-year challenges, romance, culture, politics, pets, to various other social issues, more delicately blends in slice-of-life experiences, and continues to resonate among netizens online. When you listen to the whole album carefully, you will find that in this environment where music creation is an essential medium of expression, Namewee can be dubbed the music creator closest to the hearts of the men and women of this era.

Powered with years of music creation energy, Namewee brings more mature, more diverse, and more straightforward music in the "Calling Asia" album, here it is again! In this era when Asian countries continue to use culture, language, music, art and creative works to connect with each other, just pick up this call which is full of ideas and creativity, through Namewee’s music, and "Calling Asia."