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Namewee Asian Killer CD 2016
Namewee Asian Killer CD 2016
Namewee Asian Killer CD 2016
Namewee Asian Killer CD 2016
Namewee Asian Killer CD 2016
Namewee Asian Killer CD 2016
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Namewee 2015「Asian Killer」CD

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Song List:

  1. Banglasia
  2. K-Pop Idol 全民偶像
  3. High Pitched 飆高音
  4. Trip to Taipei 台北之旅
  5. AV Star AV女郎
  6. Uncle Lim I’m Coming 我來了Uncle Lim
  7. Thai Sad Song 泰傷情哥
  8. Aunty 安娣
  9. Learn Cantonese 學廣東話
  10. Lover 心愛的人


Ten songs and MVs are personally created to demonstrate the characteristics of major Asian countries

An album of passionate creations that is full of surprises: {Asian Killer}

▲ The talented singer-songwriter whose works always resonate with multiple generations of people.

Since 2008, Namewee has focused on making music, high-level singing skills, prolific creative ability, whether it is in his music or film works; humour, critique, satire, with his warm and caring but bold and unrestrained creative style, makes him undoubtedly unique in Malaysia, and so popular on the Internet that he has amassed a shocking legion of fans.

Thus, Namewee ventures beyond the generic definition of a singer. Being an observer and creator of Asian pop culture, he is a creative genius who can make music and sing, and direct and act in movies.

▲ The content of the album takes on all the characteristic music genres of major Asian countries

Namewee enthusiastically researched popular culture and languages ​​in several Asian countries for his new album "Asian Killer". Employing his unique perspective to examine the characteristics of each country, he demonstrated his creative prowess with a brilliant and colourful performance in the album "Asian Killer"; each work can be described by lyrics and music to achieve aural and visual resonance with the public.

The whole album is arranged by Namewee, with 10 amazing songs from various Asian countries, which thoroughly demonstrate his outstanding creative talents as rapper, lyricist, composer, singer, producer, etc.!