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Low Key Tee
Low Key Tee
Low Key Tee
Low Key Tee
Low Key Tee
Low Key Tee
Low Key Tee
Low Key Tee
Low Key Tee
Low Key Tee
Low Key Tee
Low Key Tee
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NW 「Low Key」 Tee

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「Live a “Low-key” life, but work extravagantly」 is the life philosophy that has been practiced by Namewee for the past 10 years.

Namewee quoted: :「 I live a very “Low-key” and boring life, with no work-life balance. I spend most of my time focusing on my work to produce music and films. However, no matter how occupied I am with work, I will not hesitate to speak loudly in the event of any form of injustice, for charities or for the people who are in need」

「Many people who dislike me may think that I am rude and obnoxious. They also think that I always act exaggeratedly just for the sake of attention 」However, those who are familiar with Namewee will know that he is actually a very “Low-key” person in real life.

Namewee has been active in charity work for the past ten years. He has always believed that charity is supposed to be done in a low-profile manner to a point that he would refuse to take any pictures. Namewee finally had a change of mind ever since he produced a documentary for a charity movement. The documentary has been a huge success, not only catching the attention of many audiences but also influencing even more people to participate in charity work.

He realized that his effort alone is limited and even if he donates his entire savings, he will still be unable to help every single person in need. The best way to move forward is to make use of his position as a public influencer and perform charities extravagantly so that he can influence as many people as possible to also take part in charities.

The lyrics of the song 【Low-key】tells us that our actions should be based on our own moral compass alone and we should not be held back by the moral standards and the gossip of other people as long as we can find peace within ourselves. We should find a balance between a “Low-key” and “High-key” lifestyle so that we can live our life comfortably.

Namewee’s latest 「Low-key tee」, is designed by combining the Blue Amoeba motive with Chinese characters “高調” and the English word “Low-key” to create a fresh and natural style so that it can be worn casually and paired with a pair of jeans or shorts for a chic feel. In addition, the T-shirt is ladened with many “little surprises”, such as the special NW Brand logo and the most distinctive “little tail” design which is the highlight of the T-shirt.


You deserve at least one!


Printing : Front & Back

Material : 250gsm Cotton

Style: Oversize (Unisex)


Size Chart (CM)

Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
M 48.26 53.34 69.85 25.40
L 50.80 55.88 72.39 26.67
XL 53.34 58.42 74.93 27.94


Size Chart (Inch)

Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
M 19" 21" 27.5" 10"
L 20" 22" 28.5" 10.5"
XL 21" 23" 29.5" 11"