Katak RIP White Tee

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Product Description

The “Katak”s are a kind of protected species in Malaysia. They have super high IQ, extremely skillful in hopping acrobatics, abundance of collagen, and most importantly they are very rich.

Under the care of our beloved nation for years, the “Katak”s continue to procreate, rapidly reproducing, and increasing their numbers over the years and dominating the lives of Malaysians. 

However, just this year, Malaysians have finally decided to unite and cull frogs. Therefore, these frogs are left with the fate of rapid extinction.

In order to commemorate the glory of the frogs and their contribution to the country, NW is launching the [Katak RIP White Tee] to mourn the amphibians.

Pre-order,will be ship after 21 days, froggy are doing their best. Kuek Kuek

Size Chart (CM)

Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
M 48.26 53.34 69.85 25.40
L 50.80 55.88 72.39 26.67
XL 53.34 58.42 74.93 27.94

Size Chart (Inch)

Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
M 19" 21" 27.5" 10"
L 20" 22" 28.5" 10.5"
XL 21" 23" 29.5" 11"
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