NW windbreaker sports jacket

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Product Description

*Product will be send out on end of November.

Launched by NW this fall, the all-new windbreaker hip-hop sports jacket presented in black cool sentiments is set to greet your outdoor activities in a low profile amidst the breezy autumn! 

The NW windbreaker sports jacket adopts the stylish hip-hop loose tailoring that features a one-piece cutting and embodies a simple and neat colour scheme. Apart from unveiling a slim look of both sexes, it also matches seamlessly with your long pants or shorts. Notably, top-grade bright polyester fibre is exclusively selected for the purpose of augmenting its exquisite fabric texture. It is not only lightweight, but also waterproof and dustproof. In terms of design, the succinct and eye-catching "NW" brand logo is capitalized to impart a visual highlight to the jacket, giving a perfect contrast of black and white. In addition, uniquely lines of profound stiches are sewn on the sleeves and laces of the jacket to visually modify your body contour and project an elongated stature.


In this coolish autumn, wearing the versatile and simple NW black windbreaker sports jacket is not only perfectly suited to every occasion, but also catches attention with its versatile aura of simplicity. It goes without saying that the "little tail" design underscores an unmistakable characteristic of the NW range as a popular brand in vogue.

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