I NEED HELP Black and White Flag Spirit Themed White T-shirt

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I NEED HELP Black and White Flag Spirit Themed White T-shirt

Printing : Front & Back

Material : 250gsm Cotton

Style: Oversize (Unisex)


Size Chart (CM)

Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
M 48.26 53.34 69.85 25.40
L 50.80 55.88 72.39 26.67
XL 53.34 58.42 74.93 27.94


Size Chart (Inch)

Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
M 19" 21" 27.5" 10"
L 20" 22" 28.5" 10.5"
XL 21" 23" 29.5" 11"

In curbing the virus, the Malaysian government fully demonstrated its incompetence and stupidity. Wrong decisions time after time led to the bankruptcy of many companies, skyrocketing the unemployment rate, causing the whole country to fall into dire straits. It is even said that many families have run out of food and even have no basic meals. Faced with the inaction of the government, Malaysians launched the “Black and White Flag Movement.” Raising a “white flag” in front of your house indicates you need food and material aid while raising a “black flag” expresses your dissatisfaction and protest against the government.

The “Black and White Flag Movement” received an overwhelming response among the people. In just a few days, black and white flags raised by households can be seen all over the country. Many volunteers and groups have also responded to the activities by sending food and supplies to those in need. However, the people in some areas were dealt with by the police because of the black and white flags hanging at the door. They were even forced to take down the flags and were punished. This incident aroused more dissatisfaction and criticism. Although facing multiple obstacles, it cannot block the kindness of Malaysians. Instead, the aid activities initiated by the people have grown bigger and bigger and blossomed everywhere.

The “Black and White Flag Themed T-shirt” launched by Namewee uses the flying flags of black and white alternating each other as the design theme to commemorate this historic “Black and White Flag Movement.” The text “I need help” on the flags stands for hunger and helplessness of the people, as well as the roar and protest against the incompetent government.

This design currently only launches the white Logo Tee symbolizing freedom, which is tailored loosely in the American style and is suitable for all kinds of hip-hop wear. In terms of fabric, 250gsm high-grade breathable thick cotton specially used for European and American fashion clothes is specially selected. It's thick and firm but very comfortable and calm. 

Besides, to call for and respond to the “Black and White Flag Movement,” Namewee decided that part of the proceeds of each sold “Black and White Flag Themed T-shirt” will be used to buy food and supplies. And these will be donated to the affected households and medical groups in this epidemic. We hope this can attract more people to respond to and support this nationwide movement initiated by the people.


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