Classic Black NW Logo Tee

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L RM 129.00
XL RM 129.00
Product Description

Classic Black NW Logo Tee

 Printing : Front & Back  

Material : 250gsm Cotton  

Style: Oversize (Unisex)


Size Chart (CM)

Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
M 48.26 53.34 69.85 25.40
L 50.80 55.88 72.39 26.67
XL 53.34 58.42 74.93 27.94


Size Chart (Inch)

Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
M 19" 21" 27.5" 10"
L 20" 22" 28.5" 10.5"
XL 21" 23" 29.5" 11"

Namewee launched a brand-new Logo Tee. The two English letters “N” and “W” as the abbreviation of “Namewee” are used as the main body of the logo in the way of overlapping Yin and Yang. The design concept only uses simple and rough geometric thick lines, and then sets off the white image with a black background. It makes the two seem to be “a blend of virtuality and reality,” but actually, it’s “black and white.” 

Since his debut, Namewee has been spreading his music and various works on the “virtual” network, but he constantly proves himself with undeniable “real” ability. His works and remarks always shuttle back and forth between black and white, both good and evil, which is thought-provoking. Some think he is “black,” while some think he is “white.” However, for him, although black and white are two poles, they must complement each other to set off and coexist with each other.

From Namewee's works, we can not only see his boundless creativity and imagination but also see his distinctive character, position, and attitude. He has been fighting with reason, fighting against all injustices at all costs, and boldly trying to strip off the emperor's new clothes one after another. The purpose is only to pursue fairness and justice and defend the sense of freedom he has always believed in.

Yet, this series of Namewee themed T-shirts and merchandise preserve Namewee’s spirit and build his brand with the ultimate creativity and attitude.

This time, a new versatile black Logo Tee is launched, tailored loosely in the American style, suitable for all kinds of hip-hop wear. In terms of fabric, 250gsm high-grade breathable thick cotton specially used for European and American fashion clothes is specially selected. It's thick and firm but very comfortable and calm. In addition, there are many “little secrets” hidden in the clothes. 

Apart from the unique spoof label, there is also the most distinctive “little tail” that shows the brand characteristics as the highlight of the design. 

Next, we will launch various more creative merchandise, displaying Namewee’s attitude and mischief, which genuinely reflects his reactionary spirit. Please stay tuned.



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