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Time retraces its steps and the hour hand moves backwards. Prick up your ears and allow this movie soundtrack to accompany you as you travel through ancient Malacca Sultanate with Chef Huang to witness how different races converge to lay down the foundation of Malaysia together in this legendary story. 

“Nasi Lemak 2.0”, which “Ghosician” Namewee starred in and directed in 2011, broke box office records of the local Malaysian Chinese Movie then. This time, Namewee is back with the original cast and crew of the movie after 11 years, together with prominent movie stars of all ethnic groups to meet you on the big screen.

In order to create a powerful movie soundtrack, Namewee has teamed up once again with Lee Nai Kong, Peter Chong and a number of veteran musicians to design and compose soundtracks for each scene of the movie.

“If you talk to any director, they’ll say music is fifty percent of the movie.”- Hans Zimmer, famous Hollywood film score composer.
“Nasi Lemak 1.0 Original Movie Soundtrack” includes 20 original scores and songs throughout the whole movie. Each song took painstaking efforts for Namewee and the virtuosos involved to complete.

In the process of making soundtrack and songs, the arranger and producer have to ensure that the soundtrack of each scene matches the movie’s storyline before portraying the atmosphere and mood of each scene to make the plot more intriguing. Besides that, the movie also incorporated the use of various ethnic musical instruments to bring out the customs and practices of Malaysia. As the audience listens to the soundtracks, they will be able to reminisce about every scenario from the plot and experience the unique features of each culture and scene from the movie. The stunning movie scenes will linger in your mind if you watch it in the cinema. 

Try plugging in your earphones and allow this original movie soundtrack to take you into the world of Nasi Lemak 1.0, and experience the beautiful landscapes and environment of Malaysia 600 years ago.


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