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Namewee's 10th music album 【High Definition & Uncensored】will be available for pre-order from 3/10/2022 to 1/12/2022 with an early bird discount of 10% and Namewee's autograph. Thank you again for always supporting Namewee!

To pixelate is to cover up the shameful contents
To decode is to expose the truth under the lens hood
High definition is the insistence on quality craftsmanship
“Stay High Definition & Stay Uncensored” seems to be God's calling for Namewee
To let him devote himself to eradicating the all-evil pixelation
And to present the highest quality piece of work for the faithful audience
Namewee holds high the banner: “Stay High Definition & Stay Uncensored! "
Follows the unending curiosity of human nature and goes on a fanatical decoding trip
The craziest, boldest and greatest album since debut
Dazzlingly innovative and enthusiastically stimulating
A fabulous crafted hand job 
Produced by Namewee, the uncanny magus of music
Namewee’s 10th music album! 10th new album “High Definition & Uncensored” @2022 is now released!

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