Namewee Ultimatum To Asia CD 2019

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Song List:

  1. 4896
  2. Handbag or Abalone 買包包換鮑鮑
  3. Lovely Hainan Island 不到海南島
  4. Lokap 拘留所
  5. Cry Father 靠北
  6. My Skanky Girlfriend 怎麽辦
  7. Our Memes 一起做過的蠢事情
  8. Malaysia Boleh
  9. Never Give Up 不想放開
  10. Sing Cantonese Song 唱廣東歌
  11. Mingalaba 閔閣拉巴
  12. Behind Me 在我背後
  13. Good Morning
  14. Muar Mandarin 2017 麻坡的華語

    Namewee, a wicked musician who will do no evil and tolerate no evil either

    He used to get out of bed stealthily in the middle of the pee

    He sneaks out without his girlfriend’s knowledge to secretly eat...instant noodles

    Battling Special Elite Forces with a handheld water gun

    Smuggling lots of pretty girl pictures which influence juvenile development

    Making dangerous music to be distributed all over Asia

    Committed to promoting all kinds of absurd and messy ideas

    Do not hesitate to aim at the chest and take a shot.

    To seek an outlet for release, in this extremely boring life.

    This album is Namewee’s most sinfully fun, sinfully badass, and sinfully addictive.

    [Warning] This product is a first-class drug, please think twice before consuming it.

    Do not consume it all by yourself. It is best taken together with good friends in groups of three to five.

    If you feel discomfort after taking it, that is a normal indication.

    If there is not much effect after taking it, please seek help and do not discontinue the medication at will.

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