Namewee All Eat Asia CD 2018

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Song List:

  1. Thai Cha Cha 泰國恰恰
  2. Makudonarudo (Tokyo Bon)
  3. Geebai People 擊敗人
  4. Rain in Ho Chi Minh 胡志明的雨
  5. High Pitched Together 一起飆高音
  6. Ali AhKao Dan Muthu
  7. Dreams From My Father 爸爸的夢
  8. 8.Funny Action! 搞笑快行動
  9. One & Only 唯一的唯一的唯一
  10. Pa Pa Pa 啪啪啪

After Cross Over Asia, comes an album of new creations, All Eat Asia! Contains "Dreams From My father" sung with Namewee's father Wee Ann Hee, and remakes the 2.0 upgraded version of Iron-lung Queen Jess Lee’s "High Pitched Together". Collaborated on "Makudonarudo" with Japanese star Ninomiya Neu. There are many surprises in this album All Eat Asia, super delicious!

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